Engaging children is key to a creative and tech savvy future.

Campers will use laser cutters, 3D printers, robotics, hydrology display boards, and more to explore, design and create.

What We Teach

 Having fun is important. So are the real-world subjects we're teaching.

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Who We Are​

 We are the top youth-serving organizations in Greater Austin.

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Campers study one of the most unique places on Earth

The  scenario: a committee of top explorers want to know if  youth can survive in the arctic. They are creating a program to help teach youth to survive and explore one of our planet's greatest  biological resources! Are you prepared for an  expedition of a lifetime?  

How  do explorers set up for an expedition? How do they get there?   What do  they study and how? We need your young scientist to find out!  

Read What some of our Past CAmpers have to say about Techlab

Heather, Parent

 "My oldest son had an amazing time last year! He came home raving and wanting to go back every night."

Chris, Camper

 I"I love the robotics class. I got to design and build different objects and see them come to life 

Karen, Camper

So much fun and I made lots of new friends 

Alejandro, Camper

 I've attended camp a few times and excited to go again. I'm a Boy Scout now and can't wait to see what new and awesome stuff we will get to do. I love math, science, engineering, and robotics!!!! I love getting a head start... 

Joaquin, Camper

  I have attended Techlab camp for three summers and I look forward to going every year. Attending this camp lets me to work on things that I don't usually get to do, like robotics and film making. These two things have been my favorite things to do every year. I learned a lot about programming when we when we used the robotic vehicles. I also learned how to make a short film last summer and have been interested in film making since then. I also did more research on how films are made so I can keep doing them. I also like going to Techlab because I get meet new people and make friends.  

Philip, Camper

 I would like to be an Engineer when I grow up. Techlab gives me the opportunity to practice a lot of new things